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Changes over classic

  • Resolutions are patched to use 16:9 aspect ratio and are 1280x720, 1600x900, 1920x1080
  • Windowed mode introduced
  • Patches for Windows 7+ compatibility
  • Patched to run on Windows Server and in Linux via wine with lower directx version support
  • Patch to remove "demo bug" where-in a character would randomly be set to demo mode and get stuck at level 5 (even if they were higher before)
  • Dialog slide-in animations are removed, they were irritatingly slow on 16:9 resolutions.
  • Dialogs are now (almost) all draggable for positioning.

Changes currently in PTS

  • Savvy is much more likely to roll on all items
  • Savvy on items is increased drastically, range is 30-350 (dependent on item level)
  • Specific bracer items are more likely to have higher savvy
  • Movement speed can now show up on rings, necklaces, and some staffs
  • Materials (Rock, Wood, Tendon, Skin, Bone) are more likely to have more attributes
  • Buff duration's: 60 seconds is increased to 400 seconds
  • Buff duration's: 120 seconds is increased to 600 seconds
  • Crafting max level increased to 9
  • Crafting can be increased every 5 levels instead of 7, making max lv. 9 attainable at character level 50