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Public Test Server

As we are in a public alpha it's likely the PTS will get wiped, especially as we balance skills and item stats. We welcome input on Discord or in-game, get involved and have a great time experimenting with us!



We're working on getting the core client ready, watch Discord for real-time updates.

Progress to get to Live Server

  1. [DONE] Fix demo rights bug
  2. [DONE] Fix stacking/material gem bug
  3. Fix confirmation dialog bug (simple positioning issues from official patch 1.30)
  4. [DONE] Finish Launcher v0001
  5. Finish passthrough server and authentication
  6. [Nearly Done] Windowed mode/custom resolution game patch
  7. Map Editor
  8. Explore PvPvE maps! probably take further out maps, increase drop rates but allow PvP.
  9. Make data editor for easier buffs/nerfs of skills/items/npcs
  10. Balancing: all skills (and fix skill bugs) centered around PvP, PvE NPCs will be buffed/nerfed to fit.
  11. [DONE] Balancing: make player crafting properly viable, 1​ increase max-level of making things skill to 9.
  12. Balancing: 2​ increase initial-likelihood of good mats.
  13. Balancing: increase spawn rates
  14. User migration tool for skill changes (avoid wipes being needed once we transition to live and continue to balance the game)
  15. Fix map bugs
  16. Test new maps: first approach is a new town and 4 farming zones based on singleplayer maps, will be level 40+ and be multiple zones away from a town.
  17. Balancing: lower level-cap based on leveling speed and amount of content, will raise later in expansions.


  1. Current max crafting skill level is 6 and Xianyang merchant is slightly better than that.
  2. Classic multiplayer enforces each zone drop Lv.1 materials from nodes (trees, rocks, and chests) until they've been farmed at least once, it seems to raise to some threshold as the zone gets farmed. You also typically need to kill enemies to ensure nodes are refreshed. Need to balance this out as well as raise drop rate of good mats in general to make it more viable while leveling.