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Legends of Qin is a free shard for a classic CRPG called Prince of Qin. We currently have multiple balancing changes in place on the original game, and are actively working on further improvements and mods. Item stats and probability are being tweaked, bugs being fixed, modern niceties like larger resolutions and windowed mode being added. Ultimately we intend to add new maps, likely based on the larger single player world.

Join us on Discord below and on the Public Testing Server​ if you want to help reshape and relive a classic.


Major News

  • Progress on PTS and Prince of Qin halted in favor of a Reborn project where-in the game is being re-coded with a modern engine this is an even longer project than the previous ideas behind WoQ translation or PoQ fixes which became unwieldy due to ASM coding. There will be some silence on this as the ground-work is laid out. But hopefully there will be things to show and play-tests one day. This has been true for over a month but needed to be stated throughout the comm channels. I consider this a much more exciting approach as we have full control and can try to revive more of the single-player story and content, as well as bring in content from WoQ data files. (06/31/2020)
  • PTS Alpha is now live, nearly daily updates, going to be doing big weekend balance tests (big changes to test concepts)
  • Client download available​ and an update about PTS first test run
  • PTS Todo List updated (01/01/2020)
  • Discord server launched (see below)

Check reddit or discord for more frequent updates

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