We hope you are ready for this event legends !

The 2023 Halloween Event will include multiple events in it that starting with the double (X2) EXP/SP buff that will last for 11 days during the event 26.10-05.11.2023 

-Fire Wings Effect will be added to your Item Chest and will be available to use only during the event period.

-Daily hunting quest will be available in Hotan kingdom Legends Guide - Hunt 2,500 mobs according to your level range and will reward you daily by 25 Silk + 2 Sabakun's Jewels + 1 Magic Pop card  + 25 Legends Coins

-Search & Destroy event will be available during the event every 2 hours a Pumpkin monster will spawn in the most spooky areas on the map and the first who find and kill it under 5 minutes will be rewarded by 25 Silk.

-All the original and beloved Halloween avatars will be available during the event in the Item Mall + 1 new exclusive avatar that will be avaible only during the 2023 Halloween Event in the Item Mall.

-Halloween Ghost exclusive ability pet was added to the Item Mall and will be available only during the event.

A new set of long term achievements were added mostly to reward those who help others in game:

-Ongs Legend - Hunt 10,000 Ongs - 1,000 Legends Coins.

-Penons Legend - Hunt 12,000 Penons - 1,200 Legends Coins.

-Karras Legend - Hunt 15,000 Karras - 1,500 Legends Coins.

-Niyas Legend - Hunt 20,000 Niyas - 2,000 Legends Coins.

-Wings Legend - Hunt 20,000 Wings - 2,000 Legends Coins.

Also as you might already know all the quests rewards on Legends Online are set to X3 EXP/SP/GOLD and recently we have boosted the Qin-Shi Tomb to X5, the Medusa quest The Blood of the White Viper rewards upgraded from normal 10D T3 level 98 Ring to the Seal of Star 10D Ring.

For more information and the full updates-logs feel free to join our Discord community https://discord.gg/legendsonline1 also to get the LEGENDS role to be able to use chat create a ticket so we will be able to verify you as a Legends Online player.

Enjoy your time online legends and have fun during the Halloween Event !

2023-10-25 20:24

Greetings Legends !

We are proud to announce the start of the ultimate PVE/PVP Non-Bot server that many have been wishing and waiting for.
This server is made by experienced (over 15 years) Silkroad fans and players who have a passion and love for the game, and by some of the best developers in our game community.

We have unlocked the game's full potential by tweaking and balancing all systems very carefully and precisely to get the best out of the game.
Our goal is to provide the best gameplay experience of the real original Silkroad, keeping the old-school feeling to the game that we all fell in love with back in the day.
So get ready for lots of action on a fair and legit non-bot server with dynamic rates and proper balance that ensures pleasant gameplay for all at any level of the game.

Have a great time online legends and enjoy the grind !!

2023-09-08 17:53