Please make sure you read the server rules and understand them before you join us.
-Legends Online is a strict NON BOT server and we don't allow any bot or multi client program to be used, in case you do you will get permanent BAN.
-Scamming/hacking/cheating/bug abuse/auto afk gameplay not allowed, malicious players are not welcome here.

-Buying/selling in-game silk/items outside of the server or the official website/discord is prohibited.
-Advertising, referring to any other servers or mentioning their name in game or discord is prohibited and will result in a BAN.

-Spreading false rumors about the server or its staff is prohibited and will result in a BAN.

-Sharing personal information about individuals is prohibited, don't involve personal life with a game.
-Spamming the discord channels by meaningless messages or spreading negativity will result in a timeout or KICK out of discord.
-Selling/buying accounts is not acceptable and will not be supported in case of any data lose, it is your responsibility to keep your account safe never share your username and password with anyone.

-Treat everyone with respect absolutely NO harassment, personal insults, hate speech, racism, religious or political argues will not be tolerated, insulting other players beliefs is strictly forbidden and will result in a chat ban or else.